Enabling emerging artists to realize their highest potential. Global focus, local impact

Darryl Chappell

Darryl Chappell

Founder, President & CEO

Purpose Statement

The Darryl Chappell Foundation seeks to enable Afrodescendant visual artists to achieve their highest potential. We accomplish this by sponsoring artist-in-residence programs, by facilitating an Artists Talk series, by issuing unrestricted funding for visual artists and by curating an online Artists  Marketplace featuring artists and their work commission-free.


To establish a community of artists who
are positively impacting their local communities in new, exciting, and mind-altering ways through art.


To support aspiring artists who have interest in the visual arts to achieve their dreams and potential of becoming self-supported artists and influencers within their communities


Intensely focused on assisting aspiring artists

Active partner with museums, art patrons, community foundations and other nonprofits globally

Approach grantmaking with a design, innovation-oriented, mindset

Listen intently to our individual donors and art patron beneficiaries

Core Values

  • Having Integrity
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Helping Others
  • Value Aesthetics
  • Get the Right Things Done Right
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning

Emerging Artists Pathway

Explore how the Darryl Chappell Foundation is helping Afrodescendant Artists throughout their journey. The Emerging Artists Pathway is available to download in English or español.