Flash Update 13.0

APRIL 2024 | EDITION 13.0

Dispatch From the Field

Dear Artist Community, Supporters, Partners, and Friends:

As I write to you, it’s day 13 (April 18) of a 103 day self-funded development journey. The intention of my trip is to seek additional support for artists. The Foundation celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and we are being asked by artists and supporters to do more. As a public charity, at least 1/3 of our funding needs to come from you, the public. We need your support to continue our programs. Hence, a slightly intense travel schedule to personally make the call. If you see me along the journey looking a little haggard, just be kind and say one of my favorite US Southernism – “bless your heart”.

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As a reminder, here are the Foundation’s strategic priorities:

  • Aligning and partnering with more organizations that share our values and that are also artist-centric – doing more for artists together while expanding awareness of the Foundation
  • Strengthening relationships with artists in our community – United States, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom – connecting with each and every one of the 100+ artists in our community in a meaningful way at least quarterly
  • Establishing an eCommerce process, system, and protocols for artists featured in the Foundation’s expanding Artists Marketplace
  • Formalizing criteria for entry into the Artists Marketplace and engaging a jury of curators and artists in the selection
  • Continuing our leadership role with the National Creative Youth Development Funders Forum while exploring opportunities to engage in creative youth development programming within the United States
  • Strengthening the Board of Directors pipeline and the number of Strategic Advisors
  • Celebrating with artists, partner organizations, supporters, and friends the Darryl Chappell Foundation’s 5th anniversary during an in-person celebration in September – bringing the community together in a meaningful way

I think it’s important to be transparent about our priorities. Public organizations ought to be held accountable for producing tangible, verifiable, results. Look for a mid-year report out in Flash Update Edition 14.0 on our progress.


2024 National Guild Conference for Community Arts Education

We attended the 2024 National Guild Conference for Community Arts Education in Washington, D.C., on April 9th and 10th.

A few core messages:

  • Not treating arts education as separate from education
  • Introduction to the ELEVAATE framework (Energy, Legacy, Ecosystem, Ancestors, Accessibility, Think Global, and Elements) – a phenomenal self-assessment tool for nonprofits
  • How leading with integrity and authenticity is best when working with young people

It was also exciting and fun to see our partners from the National Creative Youth Development Funders Forum. The Foundation has been a member of the Creative Youth Development Funders Forum for two years now.

Annual Convening in Chicago

The mission of the Black Trustee Alliance (BTA) for Art Museums is to transform art museums into more excellent and equitable spaces of cultural engagement by harnessing the power of Black trustees. BTA is focused on barriers to entry and advancement for Black staff and leadership; underrepresentation of Black narratives in exhibitions, collections, and programming; and limited patronage of minority owned vendors, contractors, and service providers.

The origin story of the BTA comes from the aftermath of the George Floyd murder in 2020. A group of Black Trustees were convened by David Walker of the Ford Foundation; Elizabeth Alexander, President of the Andrew Mellon Foundation; and Thelma Golden, Director of the Studio Museum in Harlem, for the purpose of opening a dialogue about the state of diversity in their respective institutions. From there, the BTA was born.

Artists Talk DC #8 - Transcendence Through Art

Artists Talk DC #8 took the Foundation on the road to our home city of Washington, D.C. The conversation featured renowned local artists Broadie and Luis del Valle, moderated by attorney, art collector, art advisor, and journalist, Andrew S. Jacobson. We partnered with The Black Art Today Foundation and THEARC. The discussion explored the artists’ life experiences, creative processes, and strategies for confronting adversity through art. Subscribed to our YouTube channel to be notified when Artists Talk DC #8 drops. 

Atlanta Artists Awareness Event

Join us in Atlanta at the Johnson Lowe Gallery on Wednesday, April 24th, from 6pm-7:30pm. We are thrilled to showcase the remarkable talent of artist and board director Alex Christopher Williams. This event is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Foundation’s work, gain insight into our programs, and discover how you can play a role in nurturing artistic brilliance. Together, let’s make a difference in the lives of Afrodescendant artists, ensuring they achieve their highest potential.

Join us in Houston, Texas, for “Brunch with Sinden Collier”. A Houston Art Patron couple opens their home to art collectors, art patrons, and those interested in supporting the Foundation’s mission of empowering Afrodescendent artists to achieve their highest potential.

Fifth Anniversary Celebration Art Sale

The Foundation is excited to celebrate its Fifth Anniversary by offering the gift of art. New artwork will be added during the art sale that runs from April 9 – August 14. Check back frequently to see what new artwork is being offered. Search for artwork for that special occassion (graduation, anniversary, retirement, milestone achievement). Support the Foundation today through the purchase of art

Sharif Bey - Crowns Encoded Exposition Opens

Sharif Bey, member of the Darryl Chappell Foundation community of artists, latest exhibition opens in New York City.

Crowns Encoded, April 18 – June 1, curated by Albertz Benda brings together three of his most ambitious series to date.

Meet Arialys Cruzado

Meet the Foundation’s Bilingual Part-Time Artists Empowerment Liaison, Arialys Cruzado.

Arialys started part-time with the Foundation in January. Her role is to get to know and understand the needs of the over 110 artists in the Foundation’s community of artists.

Arialys is an accomplished visual artist and arts educators.

She is currently setting up meetings with artists in our community. If you would like to meet with Arialys sooner, email her:

Arialys Cruzado

Welcome Arialys!

Open Call - Artists Marketplace

Showcase your artwork in the Foundation’s Artists Marketplace™. Since its launch in June 2021, our premier online gallery has been a hub for artists in our community to gain exposure and connect with collectors and art patrons worldwide. We understand the challenges artists face in reaching a broader audience. Applications are being accepted through

May 3rd, 2024, at 11:59pm Eastern.

Now Accepting Applications - Artist-in-Residence

The Darryl Chappell Foundation is thrilled to announce an open call for artists-in-residence at Light Work. This incredible opportunity invites artists to pursue a project of their choice. As an artist-in-residence, you’ll receive a $5,000 stipend, access to state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff to provide technical assistance, and access to a Darryl Chappell Foundation mentor. Applications are being accepted through July 1st, 2024, at 11:59pm Eastern.

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