Flash Update 12.0

APRIL 2024 | EDITION 13.0

Dispatch From the Field

Dear Artist Community, Supporters, Partners, and Friends:

I always look forward to sharing with you what we are up to here at the Darryl Chappell Foundation.

In Flash Edition 12.0, you will learn of the Foundation’s strategic priorities for 2024, meet Artist-in-Resident Cheryl Miller, see highlights from 2023, learn what artists said in the latest artists survey, become aware of the Artists Marketplace open call, be introduced to our Legacy Giving society, and much more.

First things first, let’s take a look at those strategic priorities –

We will empower Afrodescendant artists to achieve their highest potential by…

  • Aligning and partnering with more organizations that share our values and that are also artist-centric – doing more for artists together while expanding awareness of the Foundation
  • Strengthening relationships with artists in our community – United States, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom – connecting with each and every one of the 100+ artists in our community in a meaningful way at least quarterly
  • Establishing an eCommerce process, system, and protocols for artists featured in the Foundation’s expanding Artists Marketplace
  • Formalizing criteria for entry into the Artists Marketplace and engaging a jury of curators and artists in artists selection
  • Continuing our leadership role with the National Creative Youth Development Funders Forum while exploring opportunities to engage in creative youth development programming within the United States
  • Strengthening the Board of Directors pipeline and the number of Strategic Advisors
  • Celebrating with artists, partner organizations, supporters, and friends the Darryl Chappell Foundation’s 5th anniversary during an in-person celebration later this year – bringing the community together in a meaningful way

I think it’s important to be transparent about our priorities. Public organizations ought to be held accountable for producing tangible, verifiable, results. Would you agree?

In the spirit of transparency, take a glance at the latest GuideStar (third party that provides data on nonprofit organizations) report on the Foundation here. The report provides details on operations, programs, leadership, finances, and measurable impacts.

Thank you for making the support of Afrodescendant artists possible. As a nonprofit public charity, at least 1/3 of our funding needs to come from you (the public). Consider supporting the Darryl Chappell Foundation if our results and impact ignite passion to make a difference in the lives of artists.

Warmest regards,

Meet Cheryl Miller

Cheryl Miller has started her one month Darryl Chappell Foundation artist-in-residence at Light Work in Syracuse, New York.

Cheryl was born and raised in South Jamaica Queens in New York. She currently resides in the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts. Cheryl has over 40 years of experience documenting Black daily life through photography. Her work has been exhibited at many venues across the United States including Beacon Gallery, APEX Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Schomburg Center, Hammond House Gallery, just to name a few.

Cheryl is using her residency at Light Work to scan, digitize, and copy images for her new book, a memoir – “If We Stand Tall…Recollections of Spirits Past”. We look forward to sharing details about Cheryl’s exciting memoir in a future publication.

Each Light Work artist-in-residence receives a $5,000 honorarium, a furnished apartment, access to a state-of-the art digital imaging lab, wet darkroom, and technical support. The Foundation also offers access to a contracted mentor through its Community of Mentors program, access to the online Artists Marketplace, and an opportunity to share residency experience through a paid Artists Talk Series.

Applications for 2025 Artists-in-Residence are now being accepted through July 1 at 11:59pm. Learn more on the Artists Corner.

2023 Results - Focusing On What Matters

The Foundation’s 2023 Results are now available.

A few of the key accomplishments from 2023…

  • Two Darryl Chappell Foundation Artists-in-Residence at Light Work successfully completed their one month residencies (Joiri Minaya in April, and Bruce Bennett in July)
  • Sonia Jones’ “Hands in Bloom” mural unveiled at the National Children’s Center Baby Bloomers Farm which is one of the 11th Street Bridge Park’s farm plots
  • Gadiel Rivera completed his nine month residency at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico culminating with a three month solo exhibition of “Mar Adentro”
  • The Foundation conducted its first virtual auction – 2023 Artists Empowerment Auction with fourteen artists participating

Oh yes, and there was considerable travel to stay connected with artists, art patrons, partner organizations, and prospective supporters.

What are Artists Saying?

The results of our annual artists survey are in. Annually we survey artists in our community to hear first hand about their familiarity with the Foundation. The sample sizes are quite small (twelve responses received for the 2023 artists survey). Regardless, we take the feedback seriously. One of our core values is continuous improvement. We are committed to listen, learn, and act based on the feedback.

Close to 58% of the artists responding to the 2023 survey were familiar with the mission of the Foundation. Significantly down from the 86% familiarity indicated in the 2022 survey. The number of artists signing up on our website increased by 38% over the past year with the majority of those artists not knowing much about the work of the Foundation. We have work to do to bring greater awareness of how we support artists.

According to the survey, the most effective programs for artists are the Fund for Community Art and the Artists Talk Series. To experience the Artists Talk Series, consider viewing Artists Talk #7 – Critical Art Practice, Race, and the Law.

The areas of improvement according to the survey are the Artists Marketplace and the Mentorship Program. We are committed to investing more in the Artists Marketplace this year to improve its effectiveness. Also, we have feedback sessions scheduled with the mentors and mentees to assess the overall effectiveness of the program.

Take a look at the survey summary and see what you think. Any surprises? Anything you thought you would see but did not? Any other feedback you would like to share with us for consideration?

Let us know. We are listening. Send an email to Voiceofartists@darrylchappellfoundation.org.

Survey of Donors (February 1 - 15, 2024)

Donors, we would like to hear from you. There will be a special survey of donors (current and lapsed) of the Foundation starting on February 1. If you are a current or previous donor of the Foundation, you will automatically receive the survey via email. Thank you in advance for providing the gift of feedback. Our intention is to understand what motivates you to support the Foundation financially. Likewise, if you no longer support the Foundation, it’s crucial for us to understand if there is anything we can do to win back your support.

 If you would like to become a supporter of the Foundation, please contact Darryl to learn more. He will respond to your email inquiry within 24-48 hours.

Call for Artists (Apply by May 4, 2024)

Artists are invited, and encouraged, to apply to have their artwork featured in the Foundation’s Artists Marketplace. The Artists Marketplace is the Foundation’s premier online gallery featuring works of art from artists in our community. The Artists Marketplace opened in June 2021 with great fanfare. Collectors, art patrons, Foundation leaders, and others occasionally search the site for their next purchase. 

We hear from artists that it is challenging to get one’s artwork in front of a larger audience. Our intent is to showcase the work of artists in our community to a global audience. The Foundation receives approximately 500 new unique visitors a month to our website. The Foundation also runs Google Grant Ads continuously featuring works of artists in the Artists Marketplace.

To have one’s artwork considered for the Artists Marketplace visit the Artists Corner to learn more.

A free information session on how to submit your application for consideration to the Artists Marketplace will be held on Thursday, February 15, 7pm-8pm Eastern. Register here for the information session.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

The Foundation exists to empower Afrodescendant artists to achieve their highest potential. We envision artists working together to have a positive and transformative impact on their local communities through art.

As we reflect on the impact of our work, we are reminded of the transformative power of art. To sustain the support of artists for years to come, consider becoming a part of the Foundation’s Creative Legacy for Afrodescendant Artists Society (CLAAS).

Learn how a legacy gift (gift from a will, a retirement plan, an insurance policy, or an annuity) could help sustain the work of the Foundation for years to come.

The Founder has allocated 10% of his assets in his will to the Foundation.

Out and About

National Guild's Annual Conference - April 2024

In keeping with our strategic priority focused on creative youth development within the United States, the Foundation will attend the National Guild conference in Washington DC in April.

We believe it’s crucial to be in community and dialogue with arts education leaders and philanthropic organizations from across the United States. During the conference, the original leadership team involved in creative youth development efforts will celebrate ten years of providing leadership and programing for youth in the arts outside of regular school activities.

Buckhead Art & Company

Back in September 2023, the Foundation partnered with Buckhead Art & Company to showcase the work of local artists Hasani Sahlehe and Travis Love.

It was exciting to partner with Buckhead Art & Company on this artists event. The Company is led by Atlanta-native Karimah McFarlane.

We look forward to partnering with them again in the future.

Welcome New Strategic Advisor

The Foundation is pleased to welcome Seph Rodney as its latest strategic advisor. Seph will become a volunteer Strategic Advisor to the Foundation effective February 1. Welcome Seph!

Dr. Rodney is an art critic, writer, and museum scholar. Previously he was a senior critic and opinion editor for Hyperallergic. He has written for the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and other publications.

Strategic Advisors provide the CEO of the Foundation and the Board of Directors with direct relevant experience as we focus on supporting artists.

Consider volunteering to become a strategic advisor of the Foundation. We are currently seeking Individuals with a background in development and fundraising.

Read about the role here.

If interested in learning more, email Darryl, Darryl@darrylchappellfoundation.org

Artist Feature

Get to Know Sonia Jones

Sonia Jones is a figurative artist and muralist based in Washington, DC. However, her artistic roots trace back to the Oakland Bay Area, where she worked primarily in graphite pencils and pastels. Sonia also has a degree in Information Technology from Howard University and a Masters degree in Human-Centered Computing from the University of Maryland. Sonia was the 2023 award recipient of the first Darryl Chappell Foundation Fund for Community Art grant.

Her mural can be found at the National Children’s Center Baby Bloomer’s Farm located in Washington, DC.

Learn more about Sonia Jones here.

“I had the honor of receiving the Foundation’s first fund for public art, which allowed me to create an art installation that became a part of a historic DC neighborhood and inspired its community – a personal goal of mine. The Foundation also hosted an Artist Reception at the Washington Office on Latin America in DC in my honor, which connected me with a new community of art enthusiasts. I’m grateful to be a part of the Foundation’s story”

Sonia Jones

Deciphering the Foundation's Logo - Part 2

In Flash 11.0 we deciphered the logo by explaining the significance of the seven dots. The seven dots represent the Foundation’s seven core values. The red dot depicts integrity. In our opinion, integrity is the most important of them all.

The Mardi Gras mask in the logo?

The Foundation has an affinity to Louisiana, in particular the New Orleans area. After our logo was created five years ago, we noticed something. We saw that if you turned the logo on its side, it appeared to represent a mask. Do you see the mask?


The Darryl Chappell Foundation exists to empower Afrodescendant Artists to achieve their highest potential. Global focus, local impact.


A community of artists working together to have a positive and transformative impact on their local communities through art

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