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12 Weeks Around the Art World: Dispatch from Darryl, CEO & Chairman

Dear Art Community, Supporters, and Friends:

As I look back on my recent “12 Weeks around the Art World” tour, I’m filled with gratitude for the incredible connections forged through the universal language of art. It was an awe-inspiring journey of art, culture, and community, made even more remarkable by its smooth and uneventful travels.

One of the memorable highlights of this self-funded mission-driven trip was in the vibrant city of Atlanta. Here, a generous art patron graciously opened his doors to host over twenty of his closest friends and colleagues, showcasing the work of two exceptionally talented local artists and informing attendees of the Foundation’s mission. The experience was powerful to witness, with those attending asking numerous questions and receiving thoughtful responses from artists.

Moving from Atlanta to Puerto Rico, the Darryl Chappell Foundation’s Artist Apprentice (Gadiel Rivera Herrera), working from the Smithsonian-affiliate Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, completed a transformative one-year residency. The culmination of Gadiel’s apprenticeship was a powerful solo exhibition that was attended by over 200 attentive guests and supporters of Mr. Riviera. Gadiel’s captivating exposition continued to attract audiences to the museum throughout its three-month run; which just ended on August 20.

Next, venturing into the Dominican Republic, I was introduced to a vibrant community of artists whose influence resonates globally. This exciting expansion of our artist network harmonizes beautifully with the Foundation’s roots in Puerto Rico. We are thrilled to showcase three talented Dominican Republic-based artists in the Foundation’s inaugural silent art auction, which is now live and will run until September 24. You can find more details about the auction in this Flash update.

Our commitment to fostering dialogue among artists and the local community led us to take our Artists Talk Series on the road, with our first live audience event, Artists Talk #7 Critical Art Practice, Race, and the Law. This exciting Artists Talk was made possible through a generous grant from The Pittsburgh Foundation.

Finally, my journey took me to London, where I had the privilege of meeting several remarkable artists creating extraordinary artwork. It was equally delightful to connect with our colleagues at Autograph, who extended their warm hospitality during our visit.

Enjoy a few of the photos from the travels and read more about what the Foundation has been up to over the previous months. I’ll be back in touch around the end of the year to share well wishes.

Very best regards,

Joiri Minaya and Bruce Bennett complete their residencies at Light Work

We’ve had a bustling period of artistic growth and mentorship within our community.

Joiri Minaya (New York) started, and completed, her one-month residency at Light Work in April 2023 In addition to the technical support she received while at Light Work, Gary Burnley, Guggenheim Fellow and former artist-in-resident at Light Work, mentored Joiri through the Foundation’s Community of Mentors program.

Photographer Bruce Bennett completed an enriching residency at LightWork in July, mentored by the photographer and Community of Mentors member Earlie Hudnall, Jr., of Houston.

Each Light Work artist-in-residence receives a $5,000 honorarium, a furnished apartment, access to a state-of-the art digital imaging lab, wet darkroom, and technical support. The Foundation also offers access to a contracted mentor through its Community of Mentors program, access to the online Artists Marketplace, and an opportunity to share residency experience through a paid Artists Talk Series.

What Happens When Charly Palmer and Darryl Go Live on Instagram?

Charly Palmer, Grammy artist and Time Magazine cover illustrator, is a living legend. His work adorns JP Morgan Chase, Coca Cola, and more. In 2020, he brought to life John Legend’s Grammy-winning album and Time’s “America Must Change” issue through art.

Charly’s artwork is filled with vibrant stories of race, ancestry, and culture. From solemn portraits to joyful moments, his art speaks to the heart as well as the mind. Darryl had a serendipitous encounter with the legendary artist himself while visiting an artist studio. As their conversation flowed, inspiration struck – why not invite supporters of both Charly and the Foundation into Charly Palmer’s studio via an Instagram Live?

This is the end result – check out the clip here. What a remarkable chance encounter with a living artist legend.

Lillian Blades Crafting Grand and Small, Bold Art

Lillian Blades, hailing from the Bahamas and now calling Atlanta home, is a talented and hugely successful artist who’s all about creative surprises. She mixes and matches stuff (appendages are our favorites!) to make fascinating art right in her comfortable studio. Her pieces are like a journey—full of colors from her childhood, a touch of West Africa, and memories of her mom’s sewing.


During the Foundation’s visit to Atlanta, Darryl had a blast exploring Lillian’s studio. We’re all about spreading good energy through art, check out these moments from the studio visit with Lillian Blade that we shared on Instagram.

Dive Into "Intimate Stories from the Sea Inside" by Gadiel Rivera

We’re thrilled to share the artistic journey of our very own Darryl Chappell Foundation Artist Apprentice, Gadiel Rivera Herrera. His one-year residency at the Smithsonian Affiliate Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico culminated in an awe-inspiring solo exhibition, “Intimate Stories from the Sea Inside.” Curated by the talented Alejandro Cruz of Uruguay, this exhibition invites you to embark on a sensory voyage.

Gadiel’s use of creative imagery brings to life contemporary issues related to migrations, and historical wrongs and horrors related to slavery. Gadiel is a master in various media, from ceramics to charcoal and beyond.

We look to share more about Gadiel’s exhibition in the coming months. His exhibition has had a profound impact on the archipelago, the Puerto Rican diaspora , and beyond.

Artists Talk #7: Critical Art Practice, Race, and the Law with Adam Davis, Harrison Kinnane Smith, and Dread Scott

Our June 16 Artists Talk #7 at the Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in Pittsburgh was a powerhouse event featuring thought leaders in art, race, and justice. The captivating discussion focused on themes of art, race, law, and the importance of self-care (“how not to keep the motor running all the time”). View the insightful conversation on our YouTube channel. Don’t miss this chance to hear open dialogue around critical issues facing artists and the larger community.

 The talk is available on our YouTube channel. Watch it here.

2023 Artists Empowerment Silent Auction

We are pleased to announce the Foundation’s first silent auction! We worked directly with artists in our community to design and execute the auction. There are fifteen artists participating in the auction with twenty works of art for sale. The Foundation provided artists with the choice, donated your artwork to the Foundation to assist with funding to support programs or sell your artwork on the Foundation’s platform.

There are three primary objectives of the auction:

1. To bring awareness, attention, and sales to the Foundation’s community of artists

2. To foster greater awareness of the Foundation, its mission, vision, and core programs

3. To cover the operational costs and overhead of administering the auction – as fiduciaries of a public charity, we are committed to managing our resources wisely

We're hiring! Bilingual Part-Time Artists Empowerment Liaison

Please join us in welcoming our two new Board Directors: John Guess, Jr. and Alex Christopher Williams

John Guess Jr.

Businessman John Guess, Jr. has a long history of advocating for artists and organizations involved in education, arts, and community. The busy native Houstonian is the unrelenting voice and architect behind the resurgence of the Houston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC), where he currently serves as Chief Executive Officer.


Alex Christopher Williams

Alex Christopher Williams is a photographer working on long-form projects that deal with race, masculinity, and history. He is the author of Black, Like Paul, a monograph published by Monolith Editions.


Get to know more about the Board of Directors and the Strategic Advisors here.

Second Annual Gala Celebration (Saturday, September 23)

Join us at the Second Annual Darryl Chappell Foundation Gala Celebration!


The event will be a fast-paced and fun virtual event to recognize artists in our community, celebrate the 2023 partner of the year, and announce the 2023 artists of the year.


Don’t miss it.

Annual Survey Coming Soon

It’s that time of year again. Our annual survey of artists, partner organizations, and supporters will be distributed by email by year-end. We thank you in advance for participating. Survey responses are used to improve the artists experience in engaging with the Foundation and the experienes of our supporters and friends.

Crucial books by artists and educators in our community

"Beauty Born of Struggle: The Art of Black Washington" by Dr. Jeffrey Stewart

“Beauty Born of Struggle” is an insightful exploration of the rich artistic heritage and cultural contributions of Black artists in Washington, D.C. Pulitzer Prize winning author, Dr. Jeffrey Stewart delves into the lives and works of prominent artists who have shaped the city’s vibrant art scene. A must-have resource for all readers interested in the arts in the capital of the United States. Thank you Dr. Stewart for another great read.

"The New Brownies' Book: A Love Letter to Black Families" by Dr. Karida L. Brown & Charly Palmer

“The New Brownies’ Book: A Love Letter to Black Families” pays homage to the iconic publication “The Brownies’ Book” founded by W.E.B. Du Bois in 1920. This contemporary interpretation celebrates the legacy of the original magazine and the joy, and depth of the Black experience. Combining visual art, personal narratives, and thought-provoking essays, meant to be shared by children and adults.


“This is a Black Book. It’s dripping Black.” (Dr. Karida L. Brown)

Deciphering the Foundation's Logo

Perhaps you were not sure how to ask, not to worry. We are here to decipher the Foundation’s logo. Many have commented on how they like the logo which was designed by a professional Uruguayan graphic designer (thank you Patricia “aka Pato”).


First thing you might notice are dots. Well, those dots represent something.

Red Dot



Yellow dots

Collaborate with Others

Helping Others

Value aesthetics

Get the Right Things Done Right

Financial Self-Sufficiency

Continuous Improvement and Learning


The dots represent the seven core values of the Foundation. Integrity is the red dot given without integrity the rest of the dots really do not matter much.


Do you see the Mardi Gras mask? We’ll pick that one up in a future Flash edition.


The Darryl Chappell Foundation exists to empower Afrodescendant Artists to achieve their highest potential. Global focus, local impact.


A community of artists working together to have a positive and transformative impact on their local communities through art

Thank you to Foundation Art Patrons

(annual investment of $2,500 or greater)

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