Flash Update 10.0

APRIL 2023 | EDITION 10.0

A Few Words from the Chairman & CEO

Happy Spring for those in the Northern Hemisphere and welcome to Fall to those in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Foundation has plenty of good news to share with you since our last Flash. Joiri Minaya started her one month artist-in-residence at Light Work on April 3rd and is being mentored by Guggenheim Fellow and former Light Work artist-in-residence Gary Burnley. Sonia Jones was the recipient of the Foundation’s first Fund for Community Art grant to complete a mural at the 11th Street Bridge Park Farm at the National Children’s Center in Washington DC. Sonia’s “Hands in Bloom” mural was unveiled on April 5th with great fanfare. We welcome Bruce Bennett to the Artists Marketplace with several works of photography for sale. Bruce will also start his artist-in-residence at Light Work in July.

The Foundation’s community of artists continues to grow with several new Darryl Chappell Foundation mentors being hired on a contract basis. The Foundation’s partner relationships are strengthened through meaningful dialogue, careful listening, and partner appreciation. We are finding our voice on important topics related to contemporary art and the African Diaspora. To continue our growth and impact, it’s important to conscientiously listen to artists, partner organizations, art patron donors, individual donors, organizational funders, gallery owners, and others often.

Given the need for meaningful face-time, I embark on a 12 week trip to six countries from mid-May through the end of July. I’m calling the trip “12 weeks around the art world”.The trip is being financed by me personally as we use the Foundation’s small, but well managed, resource base to support our four programs (Artists-in-Residence, Artists Talk Series, Artists Marketplace, and the Fund for Community Art).

I hope to see many of you during my upcoming travels. Meanwhile, might you consider how you would like to support the Foundation? Perhaps consider volunteering your time to serve on an ad hoc committee or to become a board member or strategic advisor to the Foundation. Consider supporting the Foundation through a multi-year financial contribution. To continue to grow and to support more artists, we need you. You can reach me at darryl@darrylchappellfoundation.org.

I will be back in touch in early September to share the Foundation’s latest impact and results. Meanwhile, enjoy this change of season! We will have periodic messages from the Foundation on upcoming events prior to the Flash in September.

With gratitude to all the great artists that I have met along the journey.

Best regards,
Darryl Chapell

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Joiri Minaya starts her residency, receives Guggenheim Fellow Mentor

Joiri Minaya (New York) started her residency at Light Work on April 3. In addition to the technical support she will receive while at Light Work, the Foundation provides Joiri with a mentor. Gary Burnley, Guggenheim Fellow and former artist-in-resident at Light Work will mentor Joiri over the next few weeks.

Each Light Work artist-in-residence receives a $5,000 honorarium, a furnished apartment, access to a state-of-the art digital imaging lab, wet darkroom, and technical support. The Foundation also offers access to a contracted mentor, access to the online Artists Marketplace, and an opportunity to share residency experience through a paid Artists Talk.

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Gadiel Rivera’s Solo Exhibition Opens May 18 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Darryl Chappell Foundation Artist Apprentice Gadiel Rivera concludes his one year residency at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico in May with a solo exhibition. The exhibition called “Intimate Stories from the Sea Inside” (“Mar adentro, historias profundas”).

Join the Foundation in San Juan, Puerto Rico for this very special exhibition and celebration of Gadiel’s life work.

Sonia Jones’ “Hands in Bloom” Mural Unveiled

Sonia Jones’ “Hands in Bloom” mural was unveiled at the 11th Street Bridge Park Farm at the National Children’s Center on April 5th.

Sonia was selected from a group of four finalist to complete the mural representing the first funded public art work by the Foundation’s Fund for Community Art program.

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Bruce Bennett joins the Artists Marketplace

Bruce Bennett becomes the eighth artists to join the Foundation’s Artists Marketplace. Bruce has several photographs for sale through the online platform.

Check out Bruce’s work.

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Artists Corner

2024 Artists-in-Residence Opportunity

We are excited to share a call for all artists to apply for a 2024 Artists-in-Residence (AIRs). Applications are being accepted from artists from anywhere in the world. The deadline to apply is July 1, 2023, at 11:59pm Eastern. Apply here.

Darryl Chappell Foundation AIRs at Light Work will also receive access to additional mentorship, access to the Foundation’s online Artists Marketplace, and an opportunity to speak to a global public through the Foundation’s Artists Talk Series.

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Art Studio Crawl – Atlanta

The Foundation Goes to Atlanta!

Join the Foundation for a free event in Atlanta on Saturday, May 13. We are thrilled to sponsor a studio crawl at the artist studios of Charly Palmer and Lillian Blades.

See you in Atlanta!

Charly Palmer, artist

Photo Credit: by Marie Thomas

Lillian Blades, artist

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We are excited to announce that you can now donate via your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). If you have a DAF with Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or BNY Mellon you can process your donation via the Foundation website. Funds from other DAF sources are also accepted via check to our Washington DC address.

Be sure to include the Foundation’s IRS determination letter with your DAF to avoid processing delays. Thank you.

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