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John Simmons

John Simmons, Photographer, Cinematographer, ASC

Upcoming Seminar

Seminar 3

Seven Fundamentals You Need for Investing Success

The Foundation is pleased to partner with Charles Schwab to provide a free seminar for artists. The seminar, Seven Fundamentals You Need for Investing Success, will be facilitated by Sean Jenkins (Vice President, Senior Financial Consultant) and Daniel Matsunaga (Financial Consultant Partner) on Thursday, August 24, at 1pm Eastern.

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Recent Seminars

How to Price Your Artwork with Confidence

Halima Taha and Diane Dinkins-Carr discuss how to price art with confidence. Start by knowing the fair market value of your artwork. Fair market value is the price at which a willing buyer and a willing seller agree to on a piece of art. The importance of planning ahead is critical for pricing. Last, decide on what type of artists you would like to be. Will you treat your artwork as a business and profession or as a hobby?

View video for details.