The Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of the Artists Marketplace. The Artists Marketplace is a virtual marketplace where a global community of art aficionados have access to exclusive works of art by both established and emerging artists from around the world. Access to the works of art are for a limited time only. The Foundation does not represent the featured artists nor does the Foundation guarantee nor take responsibility for any agreements between art purchaser and artists.

How to explore the available artwork?
  1. Choose an artist to view their artist statement along with their works for sale for a limited time only.
  2. Review the work of the artist (Note: Not all artists have chosen to indicate the price of work)
  3. If interested in work, go back to the artist’s profile and select the artists’ link to make an inquiry regarding the artist’s work

Featured Artists

Johis Alarcón

From Ecuador

Johanna Alarcón (1992) is a freelance photojournalist and visual storyteller based in Ecuador. Her work is focused on social justice, human rights, and gender related issues. She is a National Geographic Explorer and member of Ayün Fotógrafas, Fluxus Foto, Visura.Co, Fotoféminas, Women Photograph…

John Simmons, ASC

Los Angeles, CA

“I feel that we are always in a state of becoming and there’s no arrival. There’s no destination the journey has no end. I’ll keep taking pictures and appreciate the special moments that present themselves to me. My day job is cinematography…”

Mildor Chevalier

From Haiti, Lives and works in New York City

“The core of my quest springs from personal experiences, immigration for example. My experiences are the catalysts that lead me to investigate ideas such as belonging, memories and individual and collective identity. As a Caribbean person influenced by Haitian culture…”